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Activism and Ally-ship: A Talk with Brandon Leake


Activism and Ally-ship: 1 Day Interactive Seminar/Workshop
-People often view being and Ally and/or being an Activist through a rose colored lens of social media or what is portrayed in movies or television shows. People also often view being and Ally and/or being an Activist as extremely tedious and time consuming, which often deters people from desiring to participate. These two extremes are both false, but the truth does reside between them and this one day interactive seminar will examine the necessity for our participation in these areas, and the routes we can appropriately take to be effective Allies and/or Activists.

Brandon Leake the founder of Called To Move - CTM is an Award Winning Spoken Word Poet, Artistic Educator, and Motivational Speaker from Stockton, Ca. His creative mixture of art, charisma, and passion, tailored to his own unique personal narrative has taken him across the country as a speaker and performer. Brandon is also an Artistic Educator teaching poetry workshops and series of workshops in his hometown and around the country.

$30 for adults
$25 for students
We hope to see you at the gallery!

Later Event: August 2
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