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Andrew Cain: Daily Rituals and Worship

  • Tri-Chromatic Gallery 1321 J Street Modesto, CA 95350 (map)

March brings artist Andrew Cain into our gallery for a solo show titled, "Daily Rituals and Worship." Working in drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and assemblage, Cain's work intertwines religious imagery with comic books. Cain seamlessly weaves these images of idols and religious allegories with the heroes, heroines, and supervillains of the comic book world. Placing comic book characters on alters and rendering religious idols through illustrative prints, we are posed with questions of who we worship in this contemporary moment, and who are our modern idols. The high drama of both genres of art captures something that is at once currently relevant and still timeless. The use of text bubbles allows commentary and gives a personal voice to the work. The text adds a layer that feels both sensitive and self-aware so that his art manages to be simultaneously cynical and sincere. The interwoven opposites and mixed imagery and eras pulls at deep-rooted feelings on tradition and mortality and leaves us with more questions than answers and reminds us that like life, spirituality is individual and nuanced, beneath all that dogma.

The opening of this solo show also happens to be Andrew’s birthday, so come celebrate!

Earlier Event: March 9