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First Friday Craft Grab

The Rad Vintager is second-to-none when it comes to her vintage collection. Don't miss the hidden gem that's been waiting lifetimes for you. 

Mama Shue's Designs is still on her game and her handmade bags of every size not only beautify the ordinary tasks of daily life but also elevate the precious things we like to carry. 

Chelsea America has captured dozens of faces with her signature watercolor palette. She is a true artist and jewel, a prism to hold up to the world so that, through her, we may see all of our blushing colors in a new way. Come sit for a portrait for donations to Tri-Chromatic Gallery, our gracious host. 

No-host prosecco and potato chip bar $5
1321 J Street Modesto, California

Earlier Event: July 23
Watercolor & Tarot
Later Event: August 17
Improvisational Invitational